About us

About us


Welcome !

We are a family of 9-5 working professionals with two high spirited little boys who love adventure and exploring new places.


Before having children, we considered ourselves to be pretty adventurous and,  admittedly, we were worried that things would change once having children. We made a  promise to ourselves that we would not become resentful parents who gave up on their travel dreams. Instead, we introduced our children to our lifestyle. What ended up happening, however, was something that we had never expected, having children made us more adventurous! Suddenly, the world became our playground !

As we continue to get lots of raised eyebrows , and not infrequently “you are crazy” comments, from our friends and family , we decided to document our journeys to encourage other families to go and explore the world.

I hope that this space will bring you joy, laughter and inspiration as you read about our adventures . 

Family Travel Bugs:


Interests: cooking, treasure hunting, goofing around, 

Challenges: Food allergies, can be super loud 



Interests: Wildlife, snorkelling, treasure hunting

Challenges:  can get into a crabby mood




Want to connect? We would love to hear from you ! Send us email at famtravelbugs@gmail.com .